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Lady Parts is a fortnightly podcast dissecting the roles of women in genre cinema, both in front of and behind the camera. Lady Parts is one part Aimée Lindorff and one part Sophie Overett. 

Exploring the intersection of politics and parenting, each episode host Lefa Singleton Norton will talk to a guest about what raising children in a feminist framework looks like.

Women in Media (WiM) is a nationwide networking and mentoring initiative to support and nurture women working in all facets of the media – from journalism and media advising to public relations and corporate affairs.

A national feminist current affairs program for community radio. A gender analysis of contemporary issues, as well as in-depth analysis by a range of women and gender diverse people around Australia and internationally. Distributed nationally on the Community Radio Network (CRN).

Melbourne-based writer/editor Brodie Lancaster and lawyer/writer Kamna Muddagouni come together to make Can U Not? – a podcast delivering intelligent commentary and feminist critique on pop culture.

From athletes to aviators, scientists to spies. Australia is full of girls who dare to do things differently. Adventurous girls. Girls with guts and spirit. You know what they are? They’re FIERCE. And these are their stories. Listen for inspiring tales of some of Australia’s most extraordinary women. 

A podcast talking to Australian women writers of fiction and non-fiction hosted by Rosemary Puddy.

The Stella Podcast hosts conversations about gender and literature, and celebrates Australian women’s writing.

A podcast on women and writing hosted by Kelly Gardiner and Adele Walsh

Hosts Nakkiah and Miranda have conversations Australia is uncomfortable having—about sex, relationships, dating, power, and, most difficult of all, race.

Fireside chats with black women fems & non-binary fam who’ve been there. Welcome Sis! Representation-vulnerability-community. Produced in Melbourne by Shantel Wetherall.

This is a podcast for women, by women, that isn’t afraid to dive head first into the tricky topics we often avoid talking about. Join host Yumi Stynes as she tears open the sealed section on life.

Sisteria is a podcast about women’s experiences as creators & consumers of arts & culture. It is hosted by Stephanie Van Schilt and Veronica Sullivan.

This website is a resource for women writers featuring interviews with female authors and reviews of books by women.

Sponsored by The Australian Irish Heritage Association this competition for prose (fact or fiction) aims to promote and encourage women writers in Australia.

An annual flagship event for The Women’s Club named after Rose Scott, one of its founders. The festival features Australian women writers of fiction and non-fiction, in print, performance, cinematic and electronic media. 

The annual Kat Muscat Fellowship offers professional development up to the value of $3,000 for an editorial project or work of writing by a young woman or non-binary person.

The Norma K. Hemming Award is given to mark excellence in the exploration of themes of race, gender, sexuality, class and disability in a speculative fiction work (e.g. science fiction, fantasy, horror) by an individual author, produced either in Australia or by Australian citizens and first published this site in the calendar year preceding the year in which the award is given.

The Stella Schools Program was established in 2014. It aims to increase the amount of books by women writers being studied by high school students all over Australia.

This page is a helpful compilation of resources regarding the representation of Australian women playwrights.

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